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Our friendly and professional staff will help take the stress out of selecting tiles. Their knowledge of our extensive range of styles and materials will make your experience enjoyable, when you buy wall tiles from our Melbourne showroom.

Wall Tiles Melbourne

Common Mistakes People Make with Wall Tiles

Tiling is an ideal way of creating a surface that is easy to maintain and never wears out, provided it is installed correctly.

  • Ensure that you prepare your surface before laying tiles. This approach includes making it clean and smooth and removing any coatings before tiling.
  • It is important that you use the appropriate adhesive for the room that you are tiling. Bathrooms are humid areas and therefore needs a waterproof adhesive.

With a range of designs and styles, tiles can be a polished and sophisticated feature of your room when laid accurately.

Tips When You Buy Wall Tiles in Melbourne

To ensure you select the tile that will work best for your home, consider these tips:

  • Take tile samples home and lay them in the room or area to be tiled. This preview will give you the best impression of the finished look.
  • Factor into your budget buying 10% more tiles than needed for the area, to account for broken tiles during the laying process.

Why Mitcham Tile Centre is Cost Effective

We provide quality tiles and have a wide range of options to select from that will suit your budget. You are sure to find a tile that you love and that best suits your project. This quality will then reduce the chances of needing to redo your renovation in a few years. Contact us today for your wall tile selection.