White Subway Tiles Melbourne

Get Fresh White Subway Tiles in Melbourne for a Classic Look

Whether you have a traditional or modern home, white subway tiles from our Melbourne showroom are easy to incorporate into your interior rooms. Our friendly staff will guide you through the many options, such as bevelled edges and glossy or matte finish to help you select the ideal tile for your home.

Subway Tiles Melbourne

Common Mistakes People Make with White Subway Tiles

Subway tiles create a classic look that is both timeless and easy to maintain. Common mistakes people make when tiling include:

  • Using the bench or skirting boards as a level instead of an actual leveller.
  • Being inconsistent with the spacing between tiles. Ensure your spaces are the same size and be generous with the number you use.

Crooked subway tiles or uneven spacing between each is very noticeable when up on the wall, so be sure to take your time to get it right from the beginning.

Tips Regarding White Subway Tiles

To create a unique, clean and fresh look with your subway tiles, consider these tips:

  • You can lay your tiles with a 1/4 or 1/3 step rather than the typical 1/2 step.
  • Select black or coloured grout for a different element to your wall, or to tie in with other features in the room.
  • Add 10% more tiles than needed to your budget to account for broken tiles during tiling.

Why Trust Mitcham Tile Centre with Your Tile Selection?

We have a wide range of white subway tiles in various sizes and finishes including matte and glossy. We offer quality tiles and our staff are experienced in helping you find the ideal tile for your project. Contact us today for white subway tiles that are sure to impress.