Ceramic Tiles in Melbourne

Ceramic tiles in Melbourne are beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance.

When it comes to covering your floors and walls, you have several options – including ceramic tiles in Melbourne. Ceramic tile is highly versatile; it’s one of the few flooring materials that are suitable for just about any room in your home. It’s especially popular in kitchens, bathrooms and mudrooms, because it’s so durable and low-maintenance. Here are some of the distinct advantages of choosing ceramic tile over other floor and wall coverings.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

The Importance of Ceramic Floor Tiles in Melbourne

When you choose ceramic tiles for your floors, you’ll enjoy:

  • Water resistance. Ceramic tiles are impervious to moisture and most stains, which is why they are so often used in high-traffic areas. Do keep in mind that the grout between your tiles must be sealed regularly to keep it looking its best.
  • Durability. This type of flooring is quite robust and can stand up to decades of heavy use. It’s also easy to replace single tiles if your floor does crack as a result of a forceful impact.
  • Low maintenance. Liquids, dirt and stains all rest on the surface of sealed ceramic tiles, instead of seeping in as they might with carpet. That means that regular sweeping and mopping is all that’s needed to keep your flooring looking like new.
  • Endless options. Ceramic tiles come in a staggering array of colours and styles. You can find exactly what you need to suit any room in your house – even custom designs.
  • Relief for allergy sufferers. Ceramic tile won’t hold onto dust, pollen and other allergens the way fabrics can. Regular basic cleaning wipes away these irritants and provides allergic individuals with the relief they need.

What Sets Mitcham Tile Centre Apart Regarding Ceramic Wall Tiles in Melbourne

At Mitcham Tile Centre, we know that you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing your tile suppliers and installers. However, we believe that we should be your first choice, and here’s why.

  • Premium-quality floor and wall tiles. We offer a range of matching and contrasting tiles including glass tiles, marble mosaics, borders and more, so that you’ll have endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to creating the space you want.
  • Domestic and commercial capabilities. Whether you are replacing the tile in just one bathroom in your home or an entire office building, we can handle the job.
  • Excellent service. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding work, while maintaining a friendly and professional demeanour at all times. We’ll be on time, we’ll complete the job right the first time and we won’t leave a mess behind for you to clean.
  • With extensive industry experience, Mitcham Tile Centre is your go-to source for your next tile project.

Why You Should Use Mitcham Tile Centre

Are you updating a kitchen or bathroom, renovating your entire house, or replacing the flooring in a business space? Whatever your needs, we have you covered. We also maintain a showroom display in Melbourne so that you can see our work firsthand before you decide. We’re confident you’ll love it! Contact Mitcham Tile Centre today to discuss your upcoming project.